Infinity Earrings

$245.00 USD

14K White gold earrings with .38 carats of natural white diamonds in the shape of an infinity symbol. Straight back post with friction backs.  

  • Harmony and Balance: The two circles coming together, and uniting have also been seen as representing two opposing people or forces coming together in harmony and balance. It can also be interpreted as an interconnectedness between all things.
  • Regeneration: On a spiritual and metaphysical level, the infinity symbol can carry the meaning of regeneration and eternal life after death. It can refer to the boundless and unlimited capacity of God and the Divine and to the eternal love we experience from the deity.
  • Kundalini Energy: Within Hinduism, the infinity symbol can portray the Kundalini energy, which is typically illustrated as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. Also, it is sometimes seen to represent the duality and unifying nature of males and females.

Length 27 mm, width 8.5 mm